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Massage Therapy 
& Reflexology

Massage therapies we offer are aimed at prevention, treatment and restoration. At Physio & Wellness Hub we believe in the huge health benefits of self - care. If you invest in your health you will get a return on it. If you don't, it might turn into an expense!

We offer Relaxing Full Body Massage

               Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

               Pregnancy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

There is a lot to gain from a regular massage treatments:

-prevention of aches and pains


-stress reduction

-muscle pain relief

-back pain relief and mamagement

-fibromialgia pain relief

-reduced muscle tension

-improved sleep patterns

-enhanced physical performance

-improved mood

-improved cardiovascular health

-lowered blood pressure

-management of chronic pain

-increased range of motion

-decreased frequency and management of migranes

-management of tension headaches

-prevention and management of pregnancy related aches and pains

-reduction in fluid retention / swelling

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