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Reflexology & Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology is a gentle yet very effective complementary therapy. The theory behind reflexology is that there is a ‘map’ of your body on your feet. During your treatment, the therapist will be working areas of your feet that correspond to different organs/systems of your body to restore balance and promote healing. 


Your feet are your body's foundation. Looking after your feet will contribute to your general health. Healthy feet are vital for mobility, quality of life, productive work, being able to continue or take on physical activity and so much more! 
Reflexology is a combination of pressure point massage, gentle stretching, and movement performed by your therapist. 


There are several benefits to a Reflexology Treatment here in Bray – from easing tension, tiredness, aches, and pains in your feet and body through a sensation of ‘energy re-balancing’ to deep relaxation. Improved blood circulation, better sleep, and improved mood are the other positive results you will experience with regular treatment.


Apart from several reasons to get reflexology treatment mentioned already, there is one more - making your feet look and feel fresh, nourished, and moisturised while easing discomfort caused by excess fluid or swelling.
The beauty of reflexology is that it can be received by all. We welcome you whatever age or stage in life. While there isn’t strong research-based evidence to support the use of reflexology, many find it to be the one treatment that works for them. So the best way to find out if it works for you is to try it and give us a call here in Bray or click on the Book Now button below.

What can reflexology help with:

  • Fertility

Reflexology is a powerful tool for inducing deep relaxation and promoting restful sleep. One of the great advantages of reflexology for fertility is that it is a non-invasive treatment available to both males and females. The calming effect of the treatment on the nervous system helps to balance hormones, hence supporting couples in their journey. 

One of the possible factors contributing to difficulties in conceiving is stress, which can manifest itself in the form of physical or emotional tension. A reflexology treatment can help address both, decreasing levels of hormones related to fight and flight response in your body and increasing your energy levels and a sense of calm. 

  • Pregnancy-related conditions

back pain, pelvic girdle pain, nausea, morning sickness, carpal tunnel syndrome, lack of sleep/insomnia, fluid retention, hormonal changes, aches and pains, fatigue, cramping, constipation, anxiety, restless legs, and more...

Maternity reflexology is a perfect choice of treatment for expectant mums. Pregnancy is a time of physical, emotional, and mental changes as you transition to motherhood. The treatment is tailored to your needs to help you with general relaxation or to address specific issues. It is a great alternative to try if you can't or don't want to use medication to relieve your symptoms. 


  • Labour preparation

There is growing evidence to show that regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy aids in easier and faster labour. Easier and faster labour is not only easier and faster for you, but it affects your baby also! They tend to be more settled and less agitated. 

  • Postnatal

One of the most gentle and natural ways to support your body's recovery after pregnancy and delivery is postnatal reflexology. The first few weeks after your baby arrives is usually the time, when you need rest, support, and care the most so that you have the strength and much-desired energy to look after your new born - and that is what postnatal reflexology offers to new mums. 

Postpartum anxiety, fatigue, digestive problems, hemorrhoids, hormonal changes, engorged breasts, constipation, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hip pain, feeling emotional and overwhelmed, decreased energy - all this and much more can be helped with early postnatal reflexology treatments.

  • General tiredness/ chronic fatigue

Chronic stress without sufficient recovery can lead to the feeling of tiredness and subsequent chronic fatigue. The nervous system 'stuck' in fight or flight mode, driven by the sympathetic part of the system can leave you chronically exhausted, lacking energy, and struggling with basic day-to-day tasks. Reflexology helps to achieve a shift, where the parasympathetic nervous system is more active. As a result, more of your energy is conserved, your breathing and heart rate slows down, all the systems and organs in your body are working more sufficiently.

There are over 7000 nerve endings in each foot. All form a part of a system that connects your feet to the other parts of your body, internal organs thus affecting how your body works as a whole. 

Many people feel lighter, re-energised, and revived after a reflexology treatment.


  • Stress and anxiety management

Stress and anxiety cause a spike in adrenaline and cortisol levels in your body. It is normal to feel stressed or nervous from time to time, but if your body remains in the state of 'high alert' for prolonged periods or very frequently, it can take physical, emotional, and psychological tools. 

In reflexology, a special 'body map' is used to stimulate points on your feet correlating to different systems and organs in your body. Working on these helps to bring back homeostasis and balance to your body, allowing you to unwind and relax, lowering the levels of 'stress hormones'.


  • Boosting poor circulation

Good circulation is crucial to the transport of oxygen and nutrients around the body and the removal of waste. 

As your feet are being massaged and stimulated during a reflexology treatment, circulation improves, hence resulting in supporting your whole body and making every single cell working more efficiently. The oxygen will reach your muscles, organs and all the tissues in your body quicker, making you feel better in turn.


  • Back pain

  • Migraines/ headaches

One of the physical manifestations of stress can be headaches and migraines. 

Reflexology can help by reducing and lowering the stress in your body, releasing tension in your muscles, improving your sleep patterns, and inducing deep relaxation. 

  • Poor digestion/IBS

  • Symptoms related to menopause-

Reflexology is a great treatment that can help regulate hormones. It aids in balancing both the physical and emotional state you are in. 

Hot flushes, anxiety, disturbed sleep and other symptoms relating to menopause can be alleviated with regular reflexology sessions. 

Research carried out at the UK School of Complementary Health in Exeter suggests a decrease in anxiety, depression, insomnia, hot flushes, and night sweats among menopausal women who received regular reflexology over 4 months.

  • Period pains

Physio & Wellness Clinic practitioners are registered with NRRI (National Register of Reflexologists) accredited by VHI Healthcare, Laya Healthcare, Aviva, Irish Life Health and GLO Health for reflexology treatment. Please enquire with your insurer if you are eligible for a refund of some of your Reflexology treatment cost depending on your policy and the level of cover.

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