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Pregnancy Massage

A perfect treat for any mum to be. Feel your body melting away with prenatal massage specially designed to nurture, revitalise and ease pregnancy-related aches and strains. After a detailed consultation, your therapist will ensure the treatment is tailor-made and suited to your needs on the day.


Whether you feel the focus of your treatment should be an achy back, neck and shoulders, ribs,  swollen feet and legs, or you are looking to ease discomfort in your wrists and hands from pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome, we have all the tools to help you. Using massage, myofascial work,  lymphatic drainage and reflexology techniques we give you the best treatment. You will be leaving your pregnancy massage in Bray feeling re-energised and light.  

Remember pregnancy is a special time when you should nourish your body in every way possible and our location is perfect for that! After your pregnancy massage in Bray, just a minute walk from the beautiful seafront, you can enjoy a relaxed stroll along the promenade, feeding your senses with amazing views and sounds of nature. 

What are the benefits of regular Pregnancy Massage?


-easing muscular aches and pains - massage can help ease the feeling of stiffness, increased tension, tightness and decrease leg cramping. It will stimulate blood circulation to problem areas decreasing discomfort

-Your posture and body alignment changes during pregnancy - massage can help lengthen and relax tissues under strain, and stimulate those weakened with sustained non-optimal positioning, balancing your body and supporting pregnancy-related changes

-relieving symptoms arising from pelvic girdle and sciatic nerve

-regular massage stimulates digestion and can help with constipation 

-if you suffer from headaches or sinus issues, massage can help alleviate the pain and pressure

-swelling and excess fluid is common problem, affecting especially feet, ankles and hands - using lymphatic drainage techniques during the massage will help drain excess fluid away, reduce swelling and improve foot and ankle mobility

-improved sleep quality-adequate sleep is necessary for healthy functioning, and quality sleep is vital to health and wellness.

-lowered stress and anxiety levels

-shorter labour - some research suggests regular massage decreased labour time, pain and need for pain relief

-massage helps to balance hormones-feel-good hormones are released during the massage and the levels of 'stress hormones' decrease! To help keep your hormones regulated, consider a pregnancy massage. Massages have been shown to increase your levels of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which all produce feelings of joy and peace.

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