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At Physio & Wellness Hub we take a holistic approach to health. We always asses your body as a whole, taking your physical and emotional health into consideration. We understand that your body is one unit, that needs to work in harmony in order for you to feel strong and healthy. After a detailed consultation and assessment, we will offer you an individual treatment plan based on your needs and goals. 

We also offer preventative assessment and treatment. If you are preparing for pregnancy, or starting a new demanding job or if you decided to take on a new fitness routine, we can help you get ready for new challenges in life. It's good to be pro-active!

We treat several Women's Health conditions including those related to pregnancy:

-urinary incontinence

-faecal incontinence 

-pelvic organ prolapse

-pelvic pain

-diastasis recti

-pelvic girdle pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction

-carpal tunnel syndrome

-rib pain

-back pain

-weak core

Hypopressives in Women's Health

Hypopressives - Low Pressure Fitness is the newest approach we use to treat pelvic floor dysfunction and weakened core muscles. 

At Physio & Wellness Hub we take a holistic approach when assessing and treating you. Your needs, goals and priorities will be carefully considered to form the best plan of treatment for you. Whether you are looking for physiotherapy or holistic therapies, Physio & Wellness Hub is the place to be.  

Video access

Recorded Spine, Core & Pelvic Floor Classes and Physiolates Classes with monthly or annual access.

Getting Help

Whatever age or stage in life, you should always look after yourself. Don't let pain or discomfort stop you. Don't accept dysfunction as 'normal', just because someone told you it is - IT'S NOT! Look for help. Believe in your body's ability to heal. 

back pain
pelvic girdle pain
pelvic floor issues
pelvic organ prolapse

‘I cannot recommend Anna and low pressure fitness highly enough. 

I was just so grateful to find Anna, who introduced me to hypopressives, and told me of the fantastic results they were yielding in treating prolapse. It took about four months of perseverance with the exercises before I really started to notice an improvement(....)


Seven months after my initial diagnosis, at a gyne appointment, I was told that there was no need for surgery and if I hadn’t said I had a prolapse they would not have known! I was thrilled.


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