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Spine, Core & Pelvic Floor -Hypopressives

Low Pressure Fitness was developed with postural, respiratory and neurodynamic reeducation in mind. It uses hypopressive breathing, specific starting positions and neural stimulation to activate the whole body, lengthen, strengthen and gently mobilise.


Hypopressive means 'with reduced pressure'.

Every day, every activity, be it looking after your children, pushing a shopping trolley, lifting or going to the gym, your body has to regulate  intra - abdominal pressure in order to protect you from injury.

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby

If there is a 'weak point' in the structures supporting your body (ie fascia, muscles), it can lead to several issues - urinary or faecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, back pain, hernias and more. You are more prone to developing these 'weak points' with pregnancy and labour, where there's an extra strain on your body.


Low Pressure Fitness was created to enable you to re-program your body into optimal management of the intra-abdominal pressure. It  takes into consideration the importance of subconscious activation of deep core muscles and crucial role of breath and body bio mechanics. The goal is to train your body to be able to withstand any activity that increases pressure in your body (lifting your toddler for example) without causing damage. 

Yoga Class

It is not normal and it is not ok to leak when you walk, run, cough or sneeze. You should not ignore the sensation of heaviness in your perineal area - possible sign of the pelvic organ prolapse or any other symptoms that are other than related to good health! Low Pressure Fitness requires expert guidance and instructions. That's why at Physio & Wellness Hub it is our Chartered Physiotherapist in Women's Health, who will teach you Low Pressure Fitness after a detailed consultation and assessment.

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